4th AMMTC+3, 2009

Joint Statement of the Fourth ASEAN Plus Three Ministerial Meeting on Transnational Crime (AMMTC+3)

Siem Reap, Cambodia 18 November 2009

  1. The Ministers of ASEAN Member States, China, Japan and Republic of Korea responsible for combating transnational crimes convened the Fourth AMMTC+3 in Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia, on 18 November 2009. The Ministerial Meeting was preceded by a Preparatory ASEAN Plus Three Senior Officials Meeting on Transnational Crimes for the Fourth AMMTC+3.
  2. The Ministers reaffirmed their commitment in consolidating and further strengthening ASEAN’s effort in combating transnational crime in collaboration with the People’s Republic of China, Japan and Republic of Korea (Plus Three Countries).
  3. The Ministers commended the progressive achievements attained thus far in ASEAN’s countering of transnational crimes aided by assistance and technical expertise from the Plus Three Countries.
  4. Conscious that reinforcing measures contained in the ASEAN Security Plan of Action would attribute to the fulfillment of the establishment of the ASEAN Political-Security Community in 2015, the Ministers called for greater commitment and more expeditious implementation of existing cooperative mechanisms between ASEAN and the Plus Three Countries in response to transnational crime issues. Furthermore, the ASEAN Plus Three Work Plan to Combat Transnational Crimes should be followed-up to implement the Second Joint Statement on East Asia Cooperation building on the foundations of ASEAN Plus Three cooperation.
  5. The Ministers agreed in principle on the utilisation of the ASEAN Plus Three Cooperation Fund for conducting a Study on Effective Implementation of ASEAN Plus Three Work Plan to Combat Transnational Crime, which was endorsed by the Third ASEAN Plus Three Ministerial Meeting held in November 2007.
  6. The Ministers also agreed to continue exploring the possible cooperative activities under the framework of ASEAN Plus Three Work Plan to Combat Transnational Crime.
  7. The Ministers welcomed the kind offer of the Republic of Indonesia to host the 5th AMMTC+3 in Bali in November 2011.
  8. The Ministers expressed their sincere appreciation to the Royal Government and the people of the Kingdom of Cambodia for the warm and generous hospitality accorded to them and their respective delegations, as well as for excellent arrangements made for the Meeting.