5th AMMTC+3, 2012

Joint Statement of the Fifth ASEAN Plus Three Ministerial Meeting on Transnational Crime (5th AMMTC+3) Consultation

Bali, Indonesia  12 October 2012

1. We, the Ministers of ASEAN Member States, China, Japan, and the Republic of Korea responsible for combating transnational crimes, convened the 5th AMMTC+3 in Bali, Indonesia, on 12 October 2011. The Ministerial Meeting was preceded by ASEAN+3 Preparatory Senior Officials Meeting on Transnational Crime for the 5th AMMTC+3 Consultation. His Excellency Police General Timur Pradopo, Chief of Indonesian National Police, chaired the meeting. The Secretary-General of ASEAN also attended the Meeting.

2. We are committed to consolidate and further strengthen the efforts in preventing and combating transnational crimes with the objectives to sustain peace, security, and stability as well as prosperity in the region.

3. We praised the progress achieved in ASEAN’s efforts in addressing the transnational crimes with the support of the Plus Three Dialogue Partners while maintaining the central role of ASEAN.

4. We tasked the SOMTC+3 to move forward in implementing concrete projects within and beyond the ASEAN Plus Three Work Plan to combat transnational crime.

5. We agreed to task SOMTC+3 to leverage the existing mechanisms with objective to measure, track, and better position our efforts to combat transnational crime in order to ensure the implementation of workplan of ASEAN Plus Three a success reality.

6. We welcomed the enhanced cooperation between ASEAN and its Plus Three Dialogue Partners particularly in the field of cyber crime investigation. This is a crucial step ahead as the current trends demonstrate the emerging challenges of cyber crime and its strong linkages to other transnational crimes, in particular terrorism and trafficking in persons.

7. We welcomed and appreciated all proposals and initiatives to organize constructive activities in dealing with transnational crime issues, such as the convening of the “International Seminar on Sustainable Alternative Development in Moving Towards an ASEAN Drug Free 2015″ in Chiang Mai in November 2011, the “Seminar on ASEAN+3 Law Enforcement Cooperation Against Telecommunication Fraud” in China in November 2011, and the “Law Enforcement Executive Meeting” in Tokyo in December 2011.

8. We welcomed the kind offer of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic to host the 6th AMMTC+3 Consultation in November 2013 in Vientiane.

9. We expressed our sincere gratitude and high appreciation to the Government and the people of the Republic of Indonesia for the warm and generous hospitality accorded to us and our respective ASEAN+3 delegations.